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Why I took this Seminar

Filed under: Uncategorized August 28, 2007 @ 8:45 pm

I decided to take this class because it sounded interesting. Video and computer games have been a part of my life for a very long time thanks to the influence of my brother, who has always been an avid gamer. I’ve never been quite as much of a gamer as him, but i do enjoy watching and playing them. I thought it would be interesting to study computer games from an academic perspective, and this type of course has never been available to me. I am especially interested in the effects computer games have had on society, since they have revolutionized entertainment and so many aspects of life. People in this day and age can’t imagine a world without computer and video games. I am especially interested in the topic of whether violent computer games lead to violent acts in real life. I personally don’t think that they do, but i was curious to see what others think about this subject, since it is an ongoing controversy currently. I also hope to meet other people interested in computer games during this class, and I hope to have fun!

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  1. polack:

    I love your reasons for taking the class. I have done some research on violent games lead to violent acts in real life and will share this in class. However, I will tell you that society and specialist are split down the middle on this and their is research that supports both sides of the argument

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