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Filed under: Uncategorized September 2, 2007 @ 10:33 am

I found this documentary to be very informative and interesting. i never really knew very much about the history of video games except that pong was the first game (and i didn’t even know about all the controversy and lawsuits associated with pong). I found it fascinating to watch the progression of the videogames and how the graphics kept improving. I also didn’t know that gaming had origins in many different countries. I usually associate videogames with Japan and computer games with the U.S. but i realize now that of course other countries must have been involved too. It was especially interesting to hear that tetris was created in Russia while the iron curtain was in effect. Most people don’t think about anything else that happened in that time period except the war, but technology was improving and games were being created! I don’t know when the documentary was created, but i wished it had talked more about modern computer games. It didn’t really talk about advances in technology that allow for the completely 3D and almost lifelike graphics in todays games, and it didn’t talk about other important game companies such as Sony and more modern game systems. Other than these few things, i thought the video did a good job of giving a nice historical overveiw of gaming.

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  1. polack:

    Great analysis of the video. I have another video that I will show that talks more about recent games.

    Don’t over use “very” for example in your first sentence you use it twice. The first use is fine but the second use does not any meaning to the sentence and actually makes it awkward.

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