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Second Life Groups

Filed under: Uncategorized September 10, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

I am now a member of three groups in Second life. The names of the groups are World of Warcraft Players, Welfare Presidents, and Harry Potter Book 7 Chat Group.  I joined these groups because they had to do with my interests. I joined the World of Warcraft group because I play that game and i wanted to see if there were any groups on second life devoted to this MMORPG. I even found an island where they were building replicas of some of the building in WoW. I joined the Welfare Presidents because someone mentioned it in class as an easy way to make money. Lastly, I joined the Harry Potter group because I am also a huge Harry Potter fan. The most active group is by far the Welfare presidents. I have talked to several people in that group and I had to be invited in by someone already on welfare. Once you join the group you can stand on welfare island in certain places and cry, and you will make money. Unfortunately, the other two groups are much smaller and less active.  It seems like no one in either of the other groups is on when i get on, as i found out when i tried to introduce myself in the Warcraft group. I think the Harry Potter group was probably more active when the book first came out. I would join a different Harry Potter group, but the only other good one required money to join, which i don’t have. I did however find some cool Harry Potter themed islands that had all sorts of Harry Potter items for sale. I’ll have to revisit them once i get more money from Welfare. I’m going to continue to communicate with the other two groups and I will continue to use Welfare whenever I can. I might try to join other more active groups as well. But for now, thats a summary of my secondlife group activity!


  1. polack:

    The blog was plain but to the point, which is the number one criteria. Try to add more information in terms of feelings, i.e. you joined these groups because of your interest. You could have added to this sentence or continued with the same thought. For example, when you referred to Harry Potter you could have stated that you have read every book and it took you one night to finish the final book (this is just a guess but you probably have something that makes your interest in Harry Potter attention-grabbing). This information adds a little spice and passion into your writing. While I do not like a bullshit artist I like to see what makes people tick and these blogs are not technical writing so spice is appropriate. (16)

    The organization of the blog was organized but had no paragraphs. You need to separate your thoughts into paragraphs. The first two sentences was an introduction, each group after should be a paragraph. Then your last three sentences are a conclusion. (4)

    The information in the blog was good, all topics were addressed, and most questions were answered wit at least two sentences (3)

    The mechanics of your writing contain almost no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. (3)

    The quality of the information clearly relates to the main topic; however you it only provides 1-2 supporting details and/or examples. You may want to consider taking pictures and inserting them in your post. (3)

    Finally you provide some source information but you should state the island you have visited and provide some pictures in the future (3)

  2. bcordova:

    Despite the fact that standing in line is now considered being active, I can safely say that it is a smart move on your part to pursue wealth. I too would like to be able to buy my way into groups but it just so happens that my revenue is only about $2/15min. Even though many things in SL are free, if you want solid items you’ve got to get that paper.

  3. tindall:

    It is unfortunate that your groups aren’t active. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and my brothers both play World of Warcraft so I definitely don’t want anything to do with it, but it is good you found groups that were in the same vein as your interests. I’m sure there are other groups out there that are more active than the two you’re in and would give you a more rewarding experience, you just have to find them.

  4. Jessica:

    I joined the same WoW group and also saw the island you mentioned. There were no notifications or events which was kind of disappointing because it’d be fun to have events at the WoW island. And good luck making that money with welfare, haha.

  5. webmaster2089:

    Good luck with accumulating money. I’ve been trying and have managed a grand total of L$2. it seems like welfare is the way to go if you want to buy things in SL. As for World of warcraft, I’ve never played but it’s cool that they can replicate so much inside second life. The Harry Potter group was probably created in the fan mania before the release of the seventh book, and much of that had died down. Good luck finding a better one though.

  6. Sirena Montgomery:

    Although wealth will lead to many possibilities in SL, I would have been more interested to read about the Harry Potter Islands or group, lack there of. Were there not more witch craft groups you could join? Also, explain with examples why you joined these groups. Are you a huge Harry Potter fan from watching the movies, a fascination, or from reading the books? You leave the audience guessing.

  7. xorcist0243:

    Wow, three groups, you really are good at staying busy. So this WOW group interests me, why are they on second life instead of WOW. Problem, I think so…

  8. Missak:

    I see you had some good luck finding groups. I’d recommend that if you’d like to join some other interesting groups, you should definitely look for a group of your heritage. I tried it with mine, although with the small population of Armenians in the real world, I wasn’t expecting more than 50 people on Second Life…(there were about 9 or 10). You may have better luck than I did, so you should definitely look into it.

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