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Second Life Event

Filed under: Uncategorized September 17, 2007 @ 9:58 pm

For my second life event I attended an NCI class entitled “Avitar Makeover.” It took place int he Caledon Highlands and was taught by a teacher named Honeydew Hilite. The class lasted for one hour and started at 4:00 (Pacific Time). I found the class to be very informative and helpful. We learned about the basics of changing appearance and we even made our own shirts using the appearance editor. There were only two other people in the class so the teacher was able to help each of us individually. I also learned how to resize clothing pieces that didn’t fit properly. This was very useful because I have gotten jewelry and belts before that are too big or too small. Since the class was so small, the teacher gave out several freebies including, skin, hair, and clothes that she had designed herself! I got a pretty blue and black polka dot dress. In addition to this there was a contest to see who could make the best shirt, and since she couldn’t choose a winner, we all got L$25, which was very nice.

Overall, I enjoyed the class and i found the teacher to be very generous and helpful. I would definately consider taking more classes because i learned a great deal and got a lot of free stuff!

Here is a picture of me during the class making my own shirt!


  1. Jennifer Polack-Wahl:

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  2. sonic911:

    I wish I had participated in that event instead of the horrible experience I had in my event (you’ll read it in my blog). It seems as though you took something useful away with you, and I truly could have used some of that information (I still don’t know how to put any new clothes on yet). Having only two people in the event also must have been great since you guys got individual attention (and money!). Overall, your blog was well written.

  3. Matthew Keaton:

    That is a really cool event! Did you learn how to make other types of clothing or predominately shirts? You should try to sell some of the things thast you learned how to make . Where did you hear about this class?

  4. Doug Rissing:

    It sounds like a real learning experience, where did you to find a event like this? i went online to and i couldnt find anything that was intresting. how are you going to spend you 25 bucks?

  5. zmaung:

    I think that was a great class to take. I took a class similar but not as exciting as yours. Also I wasn’t as involved in it because it dealt with fashion. Great job on your blog.

  6. chubachus:

    that sounds like a very good event to got to! i wish i had learned things like that about clothing. the picture is perfect for the blog ost and i liked how you told your story.

  7. Walter:

    Wow I didn’t know second life was that detailed, now I’m going to check it out myself…thats pretty cool stuff

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