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What I learned from Alice

Filed under: Uncategorized November 1, 2007 @ 6:45 pm

I had a lot of fun learning how to use the program Alice. If someone told me that I was going to learn how to program I would think that that would be boring, but when you use Alice, you don’t even realize you’re learning.

 I like how simple the interface is so it’s easy to get into making an animation and it’s easy to figure out how to do things. The simplicity of the program makes it easy to see how the programming fits together and how to organize things so that they work properly. It allows you to see the overarching picture without all the confusing writing that accompanies real programming. Because the program has so many pre-made characters and environments, you feel like you are actually making something interesting. If you just had to learn programming from scratch you would probably start with very simple but also boring things. Alice lets you jump right in to making something cool.

 I have a much greater appreciation for professional programmers than I used to. I learned just how much work goes into programming even something very simple. My animation was very short, but it took me several days to complete and it had a lot of code in it. I also learned some of the basic commands and functions that you can do in programming. I was astonished to find out how precise everything had to be as well. In order for the animation to work, there had to be very precise numbers for the distance a character moves and how they move. One wrong number and the whole program would be messed up. Luckily in Alice it is easy to see mistakes!

 I greatly enjoyed using Alice, and now that I have it on my computer I look forward to using it again!


  1. Manish:

    I agree with you programming can be fun but most of the people associate it with a boring and tedious job. I am glad that instead of cribbing away from programming you actually added a fun aspect to it.that is what i try to do each time i sit down to program some thing.

  2. Kopa:

    If you want to just do programming for fun, Alice is okay, but if you want to do programming as a job, learn C++ and/or Java. Those are the boring, tedious ones that take forever. Although, to make a simple animation with OpenGL, you could probably do it in a few hours. To make a complex animation (without interaction) it would take a few days.

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